SCTF hears ‘Hiawatha’ at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall (19 November 2011)

Sally Appleby & Tony Burrage

Sally Appleby, Tony Burrage

The opportunity to hear Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast played by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra is not to be missed; so Saturday 19 November 2011 saw a gathering of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation enthusiasts in Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall for that very purpose.  Indeed, one or two stalwarts were even brave enough to sport the ‘Native American’ accoutrements by tradition associated with such an outing.

But of course it was not just for a good night out – fun though it was – that we met.  There is always plenty to talk about when SCTF people get together.  We have news to share and plans for the SCT centenary legacy year to take forward, as well as just getting to know each other better.  And some of us had travelled a fair distance, so before the concert we needed to eat – another chance to chat….

SCTF meet-up & concert, Liverpool HOST restaurant, Hope Street

SCTF meet-up & concert, Liverpool HOST restaurant, Hope Street

11.11.19 SCTF Robert Eichert, Richard Gordon-Smith & Chumki Banerjee with Jessie SCT's book Liverpool

Robert Eichert, Richard Gordon-Smith & Chumki Banerjee

….. and of course to talk about the music:

With colleagues from as far afield as Brighton, Croydon, London and Sheffield there were plenty of different experiences and views to share and ideas to develop.

Who knows as yet where the SCT quest may take us?  We hope to share historical and musical resources, put on and encourage events, make programmes, build connections and much else as our agenda moves forward.

But finally our own animated discussions were over and we moved on to congregate in the Philharmonic Hall Grand Foyer, where the buzz which precedes a great concert was palpable…

11.11.19 SCTF meet-up & concert, Liverpool

SCTF meet-up & concert, Liverpool

After the performance it can I think safely be said that everyone was glad they had been able to attend. We are grateful to the RLPS for very generously inviting us as their guests, and we are now even more convinced that the music of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – performed on this occasion by the RLPO and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir with tenor Thomas Randle and conductor David Hill – is well worth the very special efforts which some of those present had had to make to be with us.

11.11.19 SCTF meet-up & concert, Liverpool

SCTF meet-up & concert, Liverpool

Amongst those who attended were Sally Appleby, Chumki Banerjee, Hilary Burrage, Martin Anthony (Tony) Burrage, Catherine Carr, Robert Eichert, Richard Gordon-Smith, Bhavesh Hindocha, Geoff Johnson, John Peace and Sue Pomeroy. Also at the concert were members of the Liverpool Culture Pod, as reported by Richard Gordon-Smith in another blog on this website.  We hope this will be the first of many SCT events which we and others who couldn’t join us this time will together be able to enjoy.

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