Notes: Radio 4 ‘Front Row’ discusses SC-T

Mike Somervell writes: Tonight coming home from work I heard the ‘Front Row’ trailer on Radio 4 which said it was discussing Samuel Coleridge-Taylor the musician………so naturally thought of you!  Follow this BBC iPlayer link for the Front Row SC-T piece. They talk about Coleridge-Taylor and about Thelma being performed in Croydon.

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1 Response to Notes: Radio 4 ‘Front Row’ discusses SC-T

  1. It was interesting to hear about the discovery of the ‘lost ‘ work by Coleridge-Taylor. Next week in Cambridge is a concert of the music from the very first ballet ‘The Loves of Mars and Venus’, which was also thought to be lost. Much research has revealed that it was more misunderstood than lost. Dance scholar Dr Moira Goff and I have been recreating this seminal work and stage 1 of the project is a concert at The Fitzwilliam College Auditorium on Feb 18th

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