Working with Coleridge-Taylor’s Music in the ‘Community’

violins, white electric & brown woodAre there special ways in which the music of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor can be used to bring people together?

Does this depend on both the audience and the personal preferences of the performers, or should all music, regardless of the individual experience of the composer, be seen in the same way?

There is probably some resonance in the idea that SC-T’s music does appeal to some people in ‘community’ settings, who would not otherwise have an interest in ‘classical’ music.

So should musicians who would like to, use this special appeal to help to share classical music with others?

This question is also posted as a Discussion topic on the SCTF Forum, for further consideration.

(Please note that the first time you respond via the Forum you will need to register for a password – which you can then if you wish change to something you will easily remember.)

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