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Patrick Meadows (1934-2017)

Patrick Meadows (1934-2017)

Lionel Harrison writes: Admirers of the music of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and visitors to the Foundation website will undoubtedly be aware of the enormous contribution made by Patrick Meadows towards rescuing SC-T’s music from the relative (and undeserved) obscurity into which it had fallen. Patrick’s own ‘interview with myself’ posted elsewhere on the site describes how … Continue reading

Notes and queries

  • Jon Larimore writes: This coming Sunday our choir is presenting Coleridge-Taylor’s “O Ye That Love The Lord”. I’m wondering when this anthem was composed and if it was part of a larger work by Coleridge-Taylor, what that work might be? I found a wealth of information, (more…)
  • Charles Kaufmann writes: You may be interested in seeing the YouTube video I've just posted featuring soprano Angela Brown singing with our orchestra a song by Coleridge-Taylor, "The Stars," which is a setting of a poem by his friend Kathleen Easmon Simango. Noteworthy about this video are the two images of the original manuscript of The Stars in Coleridge-Taylor's distinctive handwriting: (more…)
  • Sean Creighton writes: Newsletters 7 and 8 of the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Network are now posted on the Network's website. (more…)
  • Tom Service of The Guardian has posted an article in his Classical Music blog, discussing the SC-T opera Thelma, to be premiered in Croydon today. (more…)
  • Media anticipation of the premiere (on 9 February 2012) of Coleridge-Taylor's opera Thelma includes this range of articles and postings, as below.  Please share also any other articles about this premiere of which you know, via the Comments box which follows this list.  Thank you. (more…)
  • Evelyn Nallen writes: Next week in Cambridge is a concert of the music from the very first ballet, 'The Loves of Mars and Venus' (1717), which like 'Thelma' was thought to be lost. (more…)
  • Mike Somervell writes: Tonight coming home from work I heard the 'Front Row' trailer on Radio 4 which said it was discussing Samuel Coleridge-Taylor the musician.........so naturally thought of you!  Follow this BBC iPlayer link for the Front Row SC-T piece. They talk about Coleridge-Taylor and about Thelma being performed in Croydon. (more…)
  • Robert Eichert writes: I could not agree more about SC-T's music telling a story and there can also be interesting background to the music. Obviously, there is Hiawatha, faithfully keeping to Longfellow's epic poem about love and loss among native Americans. (more…)
  • Andrew Tait writes: I would like to bring to your attention some concert details for your list of events in this special year. Andrew Tait and Friends Saturday 28th Jan 2012 (more…)
  • Toby Lyles writes: The music of composer William Grant Still was featured on the "Saturday Night at the Opera playlist of 01/21/2012" of Columbia University’s WKCR-FM. Still admired and was influenced by the works of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor. (more…)
  • I would love to be able to include at least one of Samuel Coleridge Taylor's works in celebration of his centenary. The problem is that I am limited to a classical size orchestra (2222 4200, timps, strings). (more…)
  • Luke Green writes: My choir in Australia learned the beautiful 'By the Waters of Babylon' as an anthem. Really touching music. (more…)
  • On July 28th 2012 the Cumbria Choral Initiative is to perform the entire Song of Hiawatha as the opening concert for the Lake District Summer Music Festival in the Coronation Hall in Ulverston, Cumbria. We are excited about this project, designed to coincide with SCT's centenary year. (more…)
  • Chumki Banerjee writes about The Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation: Uncovering long lost musical jewels, the quest continues (more…)

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