Events in 2012: the Samuel Coleridge-Taylor centenary legacy

2012 DiaryHere is the definitive list of SCT events for 2012!  We have established an Events calendar (or diary) as a special page on this website, on which we intend to list every event we know about, whether in the UK or elsewhere.  You may like to take a look here.

2012 marks one hundred years from when Samuel Coleridge-Taylor died, still a young man, on 1 September 1912.  This is, we therefore anticipate, the year in which many people in many different places will seek to acknowledge the unique imprint of Coleridge-Taylor’s life and works on British society and well beyond.

Please do send us details of your events – or of any other events of which you are aware – and we will ensure that these are listed on our Page, entirely without obligation and free of charge.

To assist everyone in notifying us of SCT events, we have created a ‘report form‘. Please just click on this link to send us your information, and we will do these rest.

We look forward to hearing from you about all the SCT activities you have planned. Thank you.

About Hilary Burrage

Hilary Burrage is the author of two books on female genital mutilation: ERADICATING FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION: A UK Perspective, which covers many aspects (legal, health, education, socio-economic etc) of FGM both in the UK and world-wide, and FEMALE MUTILATION: The truth behind the horrifying global practice of female genital mutilation (book details: ). Hilary is an adjunct professor at the Buehler Centre, Northwestern University, Chicago, and a consultant sociologist, speaker and journalist. All content on this site reflects solely Hilary's personal thoughts and perceptions.
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