SCTF invites articles about Coleridge-Taylor’s US impact

Hands on keyboardThe Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Foundation is inviting articles for publication on this website from historians, scholars and other commentators about the impact of SCT’s life and work in the United States, from the time of his visits until the present.

We are aware that this is an area of increasing interest, as more information has emerged about the direct and indirect ways in which Samuel Coleridge-Taylor has helped to shape developments in the USA, both in New York (especially Harlem) and Boston, and elsewhere.

We will be delighted to publish all appropriate submissions in this category on this website ( and we are hopeful also that a selection of what are deemed to be the most illuminating of these will also be distributed on one or more American websites.

Articles may be of any (website readable) length and should be written in an accessible style; references are welcome, but only when they illuminate the text substantively.  Illustrations and photographs are also welcome, with the proviso that in submitting them the author confirms that there is no copyright bar to their publication on the SCTF website.

Potential authors are invited to make contact with us via email here, to submit possible (ideas for) articles or to discuss their intended submission.

We would also very much welcome expert commentary and guidance on general aspects of this emerging field of study; in this instance please add your Comments in the response box below.

In either case, we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

About Hilary Burrage

Hilary Burrage is the author of two books on female genital mutilation: ERADICATING FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION: A UK Perspective, which covers many aspects (legal, health, education, socio-economic etc) of FGM both in the UK and world-wide, and FEMALE MUTILATION: The truth behind the horrifying global practice of female genital mutilation (book details: ). Hilary is an adjunct professor at the Buehler Centre, Northwestern University, Chicago, and a consultant sociologist, speaker and journalist. All content on this site reflects solely Hilary's personal thoughts and perceptions.
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