Coleridge-Taylor conducts his work in Liverpool (19 October 1908)

Coleridge-Taylor concert programme, Liverpool, 19 Oct. 1908 (detail)We have here photographs from an original published programme covering three concerts in the Fifth Season of the ‘Liverpool Symphony Orchestra Ltd’.  The second of these was a concert in the Sun Hall, Kensington, on Monday, 19 October 1908 commencing at 8 pm, the latter half of which was works by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, conducted by the composer himself.

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor in Liverpool 19.October.1908 Gentlemen (no Ladies) of the Liverpool Symphony OrchestraColeridge-Taylor’s work was already by 1908 known to Liverpool audiences. Parts of his Hiawatha Op.31 had been performed in the ‘old’ Philharmonic Hall (which was to be destroyed by fire in 1933). That concert series was promoted by the Liverpool Philharmonic Society.
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor in Liverpool 19 October 1908 front page of programme, with handwritten annotation that the concert of his works was conducted by Coleridge-Taylor himself

The entire programme comprised:
SCT in Liverpool 19 Oct.1908  Works performedIt is striking that this is a programme was performed in Sun Hall, Kensington by the (then) Liverpool Symphony Orchestra at much the same time as artists such as theba renown violinists Fritz Kreisler (on 31 October) and the then-still-teenage Joseph (Joska) Szigeti (on 12 November, along with the pianist Ferrucio Busoni and tenor John McCormack) were booked to play at the pre-war Philharmonic Hall in Hope Street.

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2 Responses to Coleridge-Taylor conducts his work in Liverpool (19 October 1908)

  1. I’m adding here some further detail on materials on this posting which seemed a bit long-winded for the main article, but may give more context to the info above:

    AHRC Adrian Boult Papers (1895-1976)
    Add. 72675
    ~ A collection of handbills, programmes and prospectuses for performances given at various venues in London and England between 1895 and 1976, arranged chronologically as two volumes (1895–1910 and 1913–71) within the papers of Sir Adrian C. Boult (1895–1977)….
    Liverpool, Sun Hall, Kensington
    Most programmes bear handwritten annotations, recording the performance of encores and indicating performance timings

    AHRC Adrian Boult Papers (1896-1969)
    Add. 72677-72678
    ~ A collection of handbills, programmes and other material relating to concerts conducted by Adrian C. Boult (1880-1983) given at various venues in the England – principally London, Birmingham and Liverpool – Wales and the United States between 1915 and 1969
    Liverpool, Sun Hall, Kensington
    Mr Adrian C. Boult’s series of Six Popular Orchestral Concerts, given by a full orchestra consisting of Liverpool Philharmonic and Hallé musicians (prospectus with biographical note on Boult plus individual programmes with historical and descriptive notes, a list of the orchestral ensemble and handwritten annotations regarding performance timings). Each of these concerts featured ‘at least one orchestral work by a British composer’. Held with these programmes is a financial statement. There is also a separate report of the series including a Balance Sheet and a list of Attendances.

    AHRC Liverpool: Sun Hall, Kensington (1914-1915)
    English Provinces: Liverpool: Sun Hall, Kensington (1914-1915)
    ~ A collection of 14 programmes from the Sun Hall, Kensington, from 1914 to 1915. The programmes are from orchestral concerts conducted by Adrian Boult. The concerts include orchestral items and solo vocal items with orchestral accompaniment. The programmes include the words to sing items and lists of orchestra members.

    NB also:
    Previous performance in Liverpool of a work by Coleridge-Taylor, as indicated in the AHRC’s collection [RB.23.a.1568] of programmes produced by the Liverpool Philharmonic Society (1900-08). The majority of these concerts were two-part choral-orchestral performances, some including extended choral works (noted below) and some containing vocal and instrumental solos/concertante pieces. At least one performance per season comprised an extended choral work, typically an oratorio or other sacred composition. ~ :
    5 February 1901: including S. Coleridge-Taylor, Scenes from ‘Hiawatha’ with Miss Lucile Hill, Mr Thomas Thomas and Mr Douglas Powell (vocal).

  2. Hilary Burrage says:

    We have recently been advised that the Sun Hall in Kensington was subsequently known as the Woolworths Building. We hope soon to bring you more information about the role of this Hall in hosting performances such as the one in October 1908, and in Liverpool cultural life at the time.

    If you are aware of other concert halls, in the UK, USA or elsewhere, which were significant in bringing the work of Coleridge-Taylor to his public, please do get in touch (via the Contact page, above). Thank you.

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