Notes: Robert Eichert on children, education and Coleridge-Taylor

Robert Eichert writes:

I could not agree more about SC-T’s music telling a story and there can also be interesting background to the music. Obviously, there is Hiawatha, faithfully keeping to Longfellow’s epic poem about love and loss among native Americans.

During the 20’s and 30’s enormously popular staged versions were produced at the Royal Albert Hall with lavish scenery and the performers dressed up in ‘traditional’ costumes as American Indians. I have seen a picture of SCT’s own young adult daughter Gwendolen, later known as Avril, so attired outside the Royal Albert Hall.

SC-T’s Othello Suite has a Children’s Intermezzo but I know no more than that about it. SC-T’s Bon Bon Suite is dedicated ‘To Little Sunshine’, which confirms his love of children and especially, of course, his own two. While on a short holiday in Worthing he befriended a nine year old girl staying at the same boarding house. When he came to finish the Bon Bon Suite, planned first as a work for children but developed into something else, he dedicated it to her.

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1 Response to Notes: Robert Eichert on children, education and Coleridge-Taylor

  1. My SC-T Works list (see above) demonstrates that compositions seem to have been written not only about children, but for children.

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