Patrick Meadows (1934-2017)

Patrick MeadowsLionel Harrison writes:

Admirers of the music of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and visitors to the Foundation website will undoubtedly be aware of the enormous contribution made by Patrick Meadows towards rescuing SC-T’s music from the relative (and undeserved) obscurity into which it had fallen.

Patrick’s own ‘interview with myself’ posted elsewhere on the site describes how he came to be involved with publishing those works which had never before been printed or which, in the case of Thelma, was believed lost until Catherine Carr turned it up.

Please note (2017) that scores prepared by the late Patrick Meadows are now handled by Musica Mundana Musikverlag GmbH. The best way to contact them is probably via

Patrick was far too modest to describe the almost superhuman effort he expended in producing hundreds upon hundreds of pages of scores and parts – an endeavour which would have daunted a person half his age. I can testify to the unwavering dedication he put into these projects which, by the way, were not restricted to the works of SC-T.

The video of Patrick’s memorial service, which is posted here by kind permission of his son, John Patrick, gives an indication of his indomitable spirit, of the amazing range of his artistic activities, and not least of his uniquely engaging personality. It also conveys a measure of what those of us he blessed by calling us his friends felt about him.

It saddens me beyond all telling that I will no longer be receiving dry-witted and quirky emails directing me to a piece he’d laughed at in the New Yorker, or to which he attached his latest reminiscence of his West Virginia childhood (lightly disguised as a short story), or asking my opinion about the placement of a slur in the 2nd bassoon part of whatever we were working on. Very often he signed off with “Un Abrazo” – “a hug”, in Spanish.

All I can say one final time, from the very depth of my heart, is “Un abrazo, mi amigo”.

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